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Simply pick one winning Premier League team each round of matches.
You can only pick each team once!

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Stay in it, to win it!

Register an account and join the game for £10

Pick a team to win and survive to the next round

Buy back in if you get knocked out in round one

The ultimate survivor scoops the first prize

Why play Fitzdares Eliminator?

Easy to play
£10 entry fee, survive until the end of the season to win

Simple to understand
Select a team to win each week, but you can only pick them once!

Victory plan
Use Liverpool or keep them up your sleeve? Plot your path to the jackpot

NEW Follow live
Follow your progress live and see the value of your entry increase as you progress through the rounds

Play Fitzdares Eliminator

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Create a mini-league and get more chances

Longest surviving leagues win

1st £250
2nd £150; 3rd £100

You all score together

The longer each league member survives, the more chance of winning the cash!